Cody Sperber Reviews

Cody grew up in Mesa, Arizona, and originally wanted to become a 9th grade history teacher. However, he joined the Navy, which taught him valuable lessons in leadership, personal integrity, loyalty, and honor.


He founded Clever Investor LLC back in 2010 and has been helping others get started in real estate investing ever since. He is definitely legit. Checkout Cody Sperber Reviews for more details.

If you are looking to learn how to invest in real estate, Cody Sperber’s course is a great place to start. The program provides a comprehensive curriculum and includes videos, audio training, and text documents. It also covers topics such as sourcing property deals, creating leads, negotiating with sellers, and executing contracts. It is designed to help new investors get started in the business and make money quickly.

Sperber, who lives in Mesa, Arizona, studied at Arizona State University, where he met his wife, Shannon, a physical therapist. He later decided to follow his passion for real estate investing and went full-time into the business two years after graduation. He has since completed over 200 property flips and wholesale deals. He has also invented a unique system that lets investors benefit from unsuccessful short sales.

His company, The Clever Investor, offers a variety of products that teach people how to make money in real estate. These include courses, mentorship, and business automation software. The company has been featured in several media outlets and even partnered with big house-flipping stars from HGTV.

The course teaches students how to find properties in their area and identify the best ones for investment. In addition, it explains how to negotiate with the seller and the buyer to create the best deal possible. The curriculum also provides a wealth of other resources, including a 30-day action guide and a live coaching call with Cody himself.

Cody’s programs are very popular and have a high customer satisfaction rating. He is a master at explaining complicated topics in an easy-to-understand way, and he is always willing to answer questions. He is known for his creative strategies and innovative thinking. He has also written numerous books on real estate investing.

The Real Estate Investing Course by Cody Sperber is available for $297 and is offered as instant access. The website advertises a physical version of the course for significantly more, but this is just a sales tactic. The course is well worth the investment, and Cody does a great job of showing off his success in the industry.

Video Training

If you’re looking for a real estate investing course that offers video training, Cody Sperber’s Fast Track Profit System might be right for you. This video course teaches you two strategies that will help you make money flipping and wholesaling properties. It also teaches you how to find and analyze leads to generate profitable deals.

This course is ideal for new entrepreneurs or experienced investors who are looking to learn more about the business of real estate. The first part of the video series covers the basics of real estate investing, including how to evaluate a property and calculate its after-repair value. It also explains essential real estate acronyms and formulas, including CAP rate, MOA, ARV, and cash on cash returns.

The second half of the video series focuses on marketing and negotiation skills, which are critical to success in real estate. This includes the importance of building a team and negotiating with buyers. It also discusses how to create a website and use social media to market your properties. The course is available online and offers several different pricing options.

If you’re interested in learning more about the real estate investing business, Cody Sperber has a variety of courses that can teach you how to get started. His 30-Day Deal Challenge course is a great place to start and costs less than $997. This course teaches you how to make money through real estate and provides a variety of bonuses, including access to a private Facebook group.

Another great option is his Direct Mail Dealmaker course, which teaches you how to find discounted properties and analyze them using a computer program called “Money Magnet.” The course also includes a list of Cody’s top-producing property sources, including Craigslist, eviction notices, and pre-foreclosure properties.

Cody Sperber is a Navy veteran and real estate entrepreneur who has risen to fame in the real estate investment industry as a wholesaler and flipper. He grew up in Mesa, Arizona, and graduated from Arizona State University with a business degree. After graduating, he decided to pursue his career in real estate and has never looked back. Sperber has an impressive resume, including experience in property management, financing, and negotiating. He is a popular speaker at real estate investment seminars and has also written a book on the subject.

Audio Training

If you’re interested in learning more about real estate investing, Cody Sperber’s audio training is a great place to start. The program is a combination of downloadable video and audio files that teach you about the fundamentals of real estate investing. It also provides valuable resources and networking opportunities to help you succeed in the industry. In addition to the online training, Cody’s team also offers one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

If you aren’t quite ready for the full-time commitment of a real estate investment course, Cody Sperber’s Fast Track Profit System might be just what you need. This complete educational course is a six-step system that will put you on a direct path to wealth. It includes a wide array of materials, including over 20 high-quality video training modules and additional audio training. It also includes legal contracts and other resources to help you get started in real estate investing.

The course is a comprehensive real estate investment training program that teaches you how to find discounted properties, capture leads, and analyze properties. It also covers how to structure deals, handle competing lenders, and close on a property. It also includes training on quick flips versus wholesaling and how to fund your deals.

Cody Sperber has a proven track record in real estate and is considered a legitimate business coach. He founded his company in 2010 and has helped many people get started in the real estate investing business. He has also provided training in various other areas of the economy, including retail and manufacturing.

Besides real estate investing, Cody Sperber is an avid entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. He has a bachelor’s degree in finance and entrepreneurship and worked as a bookkeeper before pursuing his dream of becoming a real estate investor. He has a proven track record of success and is well-known for his online training courses.

While many of the products offered by Cody Sperber are worth their price, some are not. You should be careful of scammers who promise free training and then upsell you on everything else. If you aren’t sure whether a product is worth its price, read reviews from other customers.

Membership Site

Cody Sperber is a real estate investor who has built an empire right before our eyes. His company is called Clever Investor, LLC, and it specializes in providing real estate investing education. He also mentors and trains many dedicated investors. In addition, his educational materials are reasonably priced.

Sperber grew up in Mesa, Arizona, and initially wanted to become a 9th grade history teacher. However, after he realized what teachers actually made each year, he quickly changed his mind and joined the Navy. He was an active-duty military member for over six years, and he learned important lessons in leadership, teamwork, and personal integrity. He then attended Arizona State University and earned a degree in finance.

In 2010, Sperber founded his real estate investment company. He is an expert in the fields of flipping houses and wholesaling. His company is a leader in the industry, and it has a membership site that offers a number of courses on how to start a successful real estate business. These courses include the Fast Track Profit System, which teaches students how to make money by flipping properties in four days. The course costs $297, which is comparable to other real estate investing courses.

One of the things that sets Cody Sperber apart from other gurus is his willingness to share his knowledge and experience with others. His mentoring programs have helped hundreds of people find success in real estate investing, and he has a proven track record of helping others achieve their goals. Moreover, his company has been named one of the fastest-growing companies in America by INC. magazine.

Another thing that makes Cody Sperber unique is his ability to connect with investors on a deeper level. He is able to understand the needs and motivations of his clients, which helps him develop effective strategies. He is also a great communicator and has an excellent understanding of marketing.

While some of his claims may seem a little exaggerated, it is important to remember that he is an experienced real estate investor. He has done over a thousand deals, and his total worth is around $200 million. Moreover, he has a good understanding of how to close real estate deals, which is essential in this business.